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Professional custom machine tool accessories - to Hebei, looking for Krius machine accessories

Machine protective cover, towline, machine horn, chip conveyor

The factory after years of development and growth

We have been pursuing a "quality of life to survive

The products are stable to meet the standard technical indicators

We always adhere to the "quality first, the credibility of the first, integrity-based."Business philosophy, concerned about the needs of customers and expectations

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Good logistics and distribution centers, products are sold throughout the country

The normal production cycle within 4 days of delivery, zero delay;

Emergency single special treatment;

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    Hebei Krius machine tool accessories co., LTD has been focusing on the development,production and sales for the industrial automation products. The main products are hoses,hose connectors, waterproof cable connectors,engineering plastic drag chains,steel-plastic drag chains,popes for cooling use and protective shields and guards etc.
    Our company can provide you with a varieties of products in different specifications withe the lowest prices and timely delivery. Should you have any questions regarding the installation, or if youhave any wishes/opinions,please feel free to contact us and we offer 24 hours service in a day.



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